Syrian Veterans – Mig-21bis, MiG-23MF and MiG-23BN subjects provided in this decal set were delivered to Syrian Arab Air Force between 1979-1985. These served long after their designated airframe life expectancy. Refurbished locally they continued to fly throughout most of the Syrian Conflict.

This set took 2 years of research, drawing and investigating. We have to say thanks to many good people who helped us with this project, but special thanks to Tom Cooper. His support and information was crucial.

Although there are only three main subjects in this set, there is a bonus decal sheet included too. The bonus decal sheet gives you the chance to build alternative subjects – based on your personal research. Paulus Victor will endeavour to publish new subjects with detailed profiles that could be completed with these additional markings. Just follow our website, Facebook or Twitter pages. That will make this set even more valuable in the future.

– Decal sheet for 3 SyAAF MiG aircraft

MiG-21bis Fishbed-L (2306), Hama AB, Syria, 2015.
MiG-23MF Flogger-B (2671), Hama AB, Syria, 2017.
MiG-23BN Flogger-H (2410), Al-Dumayr AB, Syria, 2016.

– Bonus decal sheet that gives you more build options.
– Background stories, history and details
– Photo quality profiles and instructions
– Aircraft detail guide

– Colors, painting and weathering guide
– How to make authentic display base guide
– Small Syrian roundel sticker
– Recommended literature and related video links
– Personal notes area

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1/72 PV-001-72

1/48 PV-001-48

How to order

This is the bonus subject for this set. You will not find instructions for this one, but you can use available decals from the envelope to build it as an alternative to existing subjects.